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1001 Drobiazgów. Sklep wielobranżowy PSS Społem:

1001 Drobiazgów. Sklep wielobranżowy PSS Społem

Witkiewicza 41, 71-121 Szczecin ,     woj. zachodniopomorskie,   powiat Szczecin


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2. Opinia dodana przez: pEehahxBghIUT , ocena firmy: pozytywna dodano: 2012-04-30
Hi Helen,Thanks for your note I appreciate your words. Yes, Jim's a rblarkaeme man great teacher. That's a really cool story. Sounds like this woman was committed to returning your book. Yes, you'd like to thank this woman. My take is, it's absolutely worth writing the paper about. You can even post it as a note on facebook share it with your friends. Who knows maybe she even stumbles across the story. Funnier things have happened!KylePS yeah, the glasses we wear impacts our perception experience of the world. No doubt it's a choice. I can relate to both sides what I do know about the side of seeing good, is the more I see good, the more good I see. It's a great formula!
1. Opinia dodana przez: QVxPfTgFfPD , ocena firmy: pozytywna dodano: 2012-04-30
Hey Kyle, i like your blog stuff, it is like reading Chicken Soup for the Soul, sort of. I eecipsally liked the story of Jim.Here's a story for you. Yesterday I was riding the LRT and fell asleep reading a book. When I woke up at my stop, I hurried to go out and forgot my book which was on the seat. A woman picke up my book and attempted to return it to me, I realized I left my book while she was retrieving it. The door was closed and we couldn't open it. I unfolded the flap to the door and she pushed the book through. I mouthed the words thank you.The message I received; there are wonderful people in the world and I need to be more aware. I thought about sending some kind of message through the paper to say, thanks to the woman who was kind enough to get me my book back. What do you think?